Large format Digital LED billboard screens. We are specialist in helping media companies install screens onto their sites and deliver the content they need.


Pylon signs, School Signs, Sporting clubs, business information signs and much more. We can help deliver the impact that you need.


Make an impact in your store. From full walls to hanging signs and even roof displays. Nothing captures attention like an LED display.


LCD screens offer great value at smaller sizes. Easy to install, easy to update and a great way to get you message out there in a high resolution format.







Founded in 2008, with a desire to stand out as technical innovators.

At Visual Screens, we aren't just importers of product or installers. Anyone can do that.


What sets us apart from our competition is our technical ability. Our two company founders are both Electronic Engineers. We aren't sales people, we are passionate geeks who love this industry and are constantly trying to find new ideas and points of difference.


We will give you honest advice on your needs even if it cost us a sale. We have surrounded ourselves with staff that share our passion for screens. We have it all covered from IT professionals, on site technicians and building professionals.


Experience Shows When We Install Commercial Digital Signage Displays

At Visual Screens, we take great pride in all our installations of commercial digital signage displays. If you are unsure of precisely what this entails, the simplest explanation is that digital signage displays make use of digital screens to convey a message, whether you intend to use them for advertising, providing information, or another specific purpose.

Key Questions to Ask Visual Screens about Commercial Digital Signage

You may have questions about commercial digital signage displays. Here are our responses to a few questions our clients often ask.

  • Pixel pitch is something that crops up often. Simply put, pixel pitch is the sign’s resolution. When you see that a sign has a pitch of eight millimetres, you know that it will have a better resolution than a sign with a pitch of 19 millimetres. This is because the space between each pixel is much smaller, which means that the LED clusters are closer together. The images you see on screens with smaller pixel pitch will be much sharper than others with a bigger pixel pitch.

  • You will often hear of viewing-, distance-, and reading angle when discussing commercial digital signage. The optimal distance from the screen refers to the ideal furthest spot from where you can see a clear image. Viewing and reading angles refer to the angles from which LED brightness is half of what it would be if you looked at the screen head-on.

  • An LED is a light-emitting diode. LEDs are incredibly bright and are used instead of incandescent bulbs. You’ll find that LED bulbs do not emit the same amount of heat as traditional bulbs and also don’t burn out because they don’t have filaments.


Benefits of Commercial Digital Signage Displays

If you’re looking for publicity, digital signage is the way to go. Aside from being highly customisable, it’s bound to grab attention because it is so eye-catching.

  • Commercial digital signage is also cost-effective. You will initially pay a higher fee for the installation; after that, it will be easy for you to change and update your advertising or information on display. You could even generate additional income by renting your digital space to businesses who’d like to use it for advertising.

  • If you’d like to encourage impulse buying, digital signage is an excellent tool for this.

  • You can use commercial digital signage displays to boost your company's digital presence and is particularly useful in generating increased awareness for your brand.

Why Trust Visual Screens Regarding Commercial Digital Signage Displays?

We take great pride in our technical ability. As qualified electronic engineers, we are passionate about providing you with premium-quality screens, supported by our excellent on-site technicians and IT administrators. Innovation is vital, and we have been learning and developing our techniques and knowledge while providing these services for over a decade.
If you have any questions about installing commercial digital signage displays, please do feel free to get in touch with us. We look forward to helping you.