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Our installation ability is what really sets us apart from our competitors.


We understand the billboard industry like no other supplier because we have spend 20 years being involved in every aspect from footings to metal manufacturing to skin installation and digital integration.



IT integration is the bit that you think about after the screen has been purchased. But later on, you wish that you had thought about it a lot more.

IT integration is a lot harder than it looks. And it is the most expensive maintenance (hidden) item after the screen is installed. We are experts in making sure your screen is robust and managed effectively.



We are engineers. It's against our DNA to sell you a screen the we can't be proud of. Oh and a screen that you can't be proud of.


Our technical ability means that we can manage our suppliers to a level of detail that isn't possible by other suppliers. Our suppliers can't lie to us, because we understand everything about what they do.



Have I mentioned that we are founded by engineers. OK, you have probably read that somewhere else on the site by now.

But hey. It's important, so I am going to say it again.

Rob studied Engineering (Mechatronics) and Mick Studied Engineering (Computronics).

We are proud geeks.



We have 16 FT staff. We can respond to request rapid fire including service level agreements.

We are on the road every day, so we can get you back up and running in no time.



We have a high management level, so we are literally sitting around waiting for you. This industry demands a quick response and we deliver every time.

The customer base in this industry isn't large, so we know we have to be good every time. If we aren't we lose work and never get it back.

Let us serve you.






We love what we do!

Rob Gentle (Mechatronics) and Mick Harrold (Computronics) both studied engineering at Deakin University. Surprisingly we didn't actually meet at University. Our first meeting came 5 years after that. And we hit it off straight away. We had the same passions in life, but we had different skill sets that complimented each other. We have been in business together since 2008 and we still haven't had so much as a robust argument!

Let's put it out there. We don't do sales well. Engineers don't like doing sales. We like products and new shiny things to play with. Rob likes to put electronic things in water to see what happens to them. Mick's a bit more business minded - so he makes sure we have the insurance to cover Rob burning the factory down! We compliment each other and we have built a team of 16 full-time staff around us that also compliment us further.

Did I mention that we are no good at sales? Well we aren't. And that is to our detriment, but it means that you get great service out of us. We deliver high quality screens and robust integrations at the most economical price. We are proud of what we do and that means that even the jobs that we aren't proud of are above average in quality.

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