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We don't just do LED screens. LCD screens hold a massive advantage over LED screens in a couple of formats.

Need a high resolution video wall? LCD screens deliver much higher resolutions at and lower price point than LED screens. For indoor screen, LCD video walls often holds the advantage over LED screens.

What about a singular information screen like a level directory or an advertising screen for a doctors surgery and real estate office. LCD is the winner in this market by miles. Off the shelf ready and easy to install. You can't go wrong here and we are the experts in helping you deliver these to market.

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Display Information More Dynamically with LCD Video Walls

From restaurant menus to train route information to directories at corporate offices, LCD video walls provide a more attractive and dynamic way to display information than most alternative options. At Visual Screens, we work closely with our clients to deliver seamless LCD video wall solutions that look terrific, deliver messaging in a highly visible way and do it all for a lower cost than LED video screens.

Benefits of LCD Video Screens

Because LED (light-emitting diode) is the newer technology than LCD (liquid crystal display), there is a common belief that it is the superior technology for all display purposes. For TVs, monitors, computer screens and other digital displays, LED can certainly provide numerous strengths, including lifespan and energy efficiency. However, for video wall displays, we still believe LCD video screens are the best option. Here are a few reasons why:

  • LED is more expensive. As the newer, more modern technology, LED is always going to cost more than LCD. Especially when it comes to large video display walls, the extra expense of LED screens can make them a cost-prohibitive option.

  • LCD screens provide opportunities for higher resolutions. While LED technology can deliver a very high-resolution experience, that extra resolution only makes LED screens more expensive. With LCD, you have the opportunity to get a much higher resolution than you would from an LED screen at the same price point. This factor alone is responsible for driving many of our customers to an LCD video wall display. 

  • Not all display formats or needs benefit from LED technology. We also install LED screens for many clients, including everything from exhibition screens to circular ticker displays. For specific display formats or particularly visually demanding applications, there can indeed be benefits from using LED rather than LCD. However, for singular information screens, such as building directories or outdoor building displays that have readouts for time, weather and other basic information, LCD will do the job for a lower price without detracting from the overall quality.

If you aren’t sure whether to choose an advertising LCD display or an LED option, we are happy to consult and advise on the matter.

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What to Expect from Visual Screens Regarding LCD Video Walls

If you decide to work with Visual Screens for your new LCD video wall project, we want you to know that you are in good hands. Here’s what you can expect from our services:

  • We don’t just sell you the equipment. Especially when it comes to an LCD screen wall, the screen (or screens, as some installations use several) is only part of the equation. Indeed, when any client purchases a screen from us, we do a full, professional, custom install to make sure the screens are correctly set up and look superb.

  • We rely on our in-house electrical engineer for the best solutions. Our goal, every time, is to deliver a solution that not only looks fantastic but will stay lit up and operational at all times. LCD digital signage doesn’t do you much good if the screen continually goes dark or encounters other technical difficulties. To avoid these scenarios, we have an in-house electrical engineer who helps us design flexible, customised solutions that meet client needs and offer peak reliability.

  • We are flexible with what we can do. The term ‘LCD display wall’ can mean a lot of different things, from an advertising LCD screen in a real estate office to a full seamless LCD video wall in a restaurant setting. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and agility, as we can design and install LCD solutions that match either of these descriptions or anything in between. Check out photos of some of our past projects to get a better idea of the variety of different types of LCD video screens we have to offer.

Key Questions to Ask Visual Screens About Your LCD Screen Wall

Our clients tend to bring many different questions to us when we start working with them, ranging from screen types and brands to the best installation designs. Here are a few questions you might consider exploring with us regarding advertising LCD screens:

  • How can I plan for viewing distance? This question is a big one since the target viewing distance for an LCD screen can vary significantly depending on the intended application for the screen. A directory, for instance, is more likely to be intended for close-range viewing distance, while an advertising sign might need to be seen and read from further away. We can explain how resolutions—and specifically, the distance between each pixel on the display—affect optimal viewing distance.

  • What about viewing angle or reading angle? For years, viewing angle (or reading angle) has been one of the more prominent areas of concern among buyers for any type of LCD or LED screen. When you buy an LED TV for your living room, for instance, you’ll probably talk about viewing angle. Displays offer the most clarity and picture quality if you view them dead centre and lose some of that clarity when viewed from the side, below or above. Fortunately, the screens we use offer substantial viewing angle flexibility.

  • What terms should I know? Beyond LED and LCD, it’s a good idea to understand terms such as viewing distance, viewing and reading angle, pixel pitch and more.

Fortunately, you can find the answers to all these questions—including the definitions of the terms mentioned above—on our FAQ page.


Why Trust Visual Screens Regarding Your New Seamless LCD Video Wall?

We are passionate about video displays and love working with clients to achieve sharper, more dynamic and more effective messaging through the use of LCD or LED displays. If you have been mulling the option of a new LCD video wall display for your business or your advertising campaign, you can count on us to help. Between our variety of services, our dedication to giving our clients all the information they need to make an informed decision and our quality control regarding electrical installations, we are a reliable partner for any video display project. Contact us today to learn more.

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