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Need some bling for your shop? Let us help you. We provide LED screens for the biggest names in retail.

Do you need a circular LED ticker screen Like Mecca. Or how about a massive exterior screen Like Telstra. We can deliver.

From 1mm pitch COB LED screens to exhibition displays, we can deliver them all. This space has never been so competitive with suppliers, so the cost of delivery has never been lower.

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Deliver Creative Messages to Passers-by with Our Window Digital Display

Get creative and turn your ordinary shop window into a digital display that shows potential clients precisely what you can offer them. Whether you need a small or large screen with a simple or complicated visual, we can help. Let the Visual Screens team supply your new favourite in-store digital signage solution.

Benefits of Using an LED Display Board for Your Shop

Retail spaces – especially in shopping malls – can quickly become a constant battle to stay ahead of your competitors in the vicinity. Understanding how you can turn your shopfront into a more inviting space can help you stay one step ahead. One way to do this is through using retail LCD screens, and here is why:

  • You acknowledge the worth of your retail space to those passing by your store. When people see the effort put into something, they tend to elevate its value in their minds, and this is especially true of advertising. When you use our retail displays in Melbourne in combination with creative messages, you are more likely to turn interested onlookers into people who come into your shop.

  • It can suit any aesthetic of your choice. Whether your shop is bright pink, a subtle blue, or a jumble of contrasting colours, a shop LED sign can adapt to your style. It will fit into place at once and blend with everything you already have going on. This blending is essential to keep or create a sense of brand unity in your store.

  • It can adapt to any of your latest campaign efforts. Screens – unlike print media – do not remain the same. Once you print something, it becomes almost useless once that specific campaign ends. With retail LED signage, you reuse the same screens, and merely change what you display. Not only is this more cost-effective, but also much better for the environment than continually having to churn out posters.

  • It is a much faster medium to utilise. If you have ever dealt with a brand campaign, you know how many moving parts are involved for merely getting something such as a poster to your store. Design, mass production, moving the signs to their destinations, putting them up, and eventually removing them to do it all again can become a hassle. With screens, all you do is design and email. Now you have the content and merely display it, saving days or even weeks.

  • There is extraordinarily little limiting your creativity. While print can often be a beautiful medium to use, it will always have the limitation of static imagery. With a digital screen, you can use one image, put up a slideshow of multiple, utilise video, utilise sound, have a combination of all of these, or get even more creative with things such as interactive screens. This level of conceptual freedom can be the difference between one walk-in customer and one thousand.


What You Should Know About Using Our LED for Retail Display

Understanding how our LED screens work is important if you plan to use it to the benefit of your shop. While there are many comparisons to draw such as LED vs LCD, or LED vs print, we will focus on general information rather than explicit benefits over other products. Here are some things you should know about LED technology and our screens:

  • LED supplies exceptional image quality, making it a desirable choice for anything from simple to complicated imagery since you will get a perfect visual either way. With the latest technology, you can also get exceptional resolutions for your displays, making them even crisper.

  • LED is highly energy efficient. Ninety-five percent of the energy that goes into an LED turns into light, while a mere five percent goes to waste as heat. LEDs also use a fraction of the power of other lights, and since LED lights power your LED screens, you can expect the energy efficiency to translate.

  • LED lights have an exceptional lifespan, which means your screens will keep their visual fidelity for a long, long time. Once you buy the LED screen, you can expect years of usage before potential problems. The average lifespan of LED displays are about five to seven years, and much more with sufficient maintenance.

  • Our LED screens come from our in-house electrical engineers who work with you to design displays to your requirements. Whether you need a small installation inside your shop or a large installation to display messages outside, we can help you with everything from design to manufacture to installation.

  • We can cater to your specific requirements not only for in-store displays but also for gigantic outdoor displays. Depending on how you wish to advertise your products or deliver your messaging, you can expect us to provide nothing short of exceptional results.

About Us and Our Services for an LED Shop Display Screen

Our two owners – Rob Gentle (Mechatronic Engineer) and Mick Harrold (Computronics) – both coincidentally attended Deakin University before meeting for the first time five years later. Since 2008, they have spent all their time on perfecting their products and finding new ways to help their clients get the displays they need. They have a massive number of successful projects behind them, including the designing of retail LED display systems, implementation of LCD display walls, digital signage, and even billboards. With a record of accomplishment of more than a decade, they plan to keep innovating the digital displays for business space.
Changing your storefront approach from print to digital comes with a wide range of benefits. If you want your business to remain flexible in its advertising, innovative in its product displays, or a combination of the two, why not consider letting our team help you plan, design, manufacture, and install your new shop LED board?

Fill out our contact form with your requirements, and our professionals will get back to you as quickly as possible about the best next step on the road to your digital transformation.

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