Are you a sign company that needs a reliable screen for your client? How about a church or a school that needs to provide information to their students and members?

We can help. We understand signage because we have been integrating LED signs for our clients since 2008. It's our integration and expert knowledge that really sets us apart from our competitors.

Today with Alibaba and so on, anyone can bring a screen in from China. Or even buy a local one on EBay. Then they install it an run power to it. Sounds easy, right?  But then they turn it on and they can't communicate with it. And the colours are wrong, or only half the sign works. Then what? They ring us and ask if we can help fix it. We get hundreds of calls like this each year and we always reply the same way.  No.  It's isn't because we are mean, it's because it will cost the client more to pay us to fix this screen than it will to just buy a proper one. So the client goes away and spends 100+ hours figuring how to fix it and dealing with their Chinese representative. And finally they get it to work.  Hooray.  And it continues to work brilliantly for the next 9 months until it blows up. The owner (assuming their shop didn't burn down) then gives up and can't be bothered repairing it again. The sign then sits on the building for the next 2 years just in case the owner gets the stamina up to fix it again. But they never do and all it does is serve as a reminder to their customers that this business doesn't really care.

Sound familiar? I am sure you know of a few signs not working or only partially working right now.

We are client focused. We can help you deliver a sign cheaply to your client. And we can integrate it into their IT systems. Let us help you. We aren't sales people, we are engineers. Who else other than a geek engineer would write a description like this on their web page?

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