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Are you a sign company that needs a reliable screen for your client? How about a church or a school that needs to provide information to their students and members?

We can help. We understand signage because we have been integrating LED signs for our clients since 2008. It's our integration and expert knowledge that really sets us apart from our competitors.

Today with Alibaba and so on, anyone can bring a screen in from China. Or even buy a local one on EBay. Then they install it an run power to it. Sounds easy, right?  But then they turn it on and they can't communicate with it. And the colours are wrong, or only half the sign works. Then what? They ring us and ask if we can help fix it. We get hundreds of calls like this each year and we always reply the same way.  No.  It's isn't because we are mean, it's because it will cost the client more to pay us to fix this screen than it will to just buy a proper one. So the client goes away and spends 100+ hours figuring how to fix it and dealing with their Chinese representative. And finally they get it to work.  Hooray.  And it continues to work brilliantly for the next 9 months until it blows up. The owner (assuming their shop didn't burn down) then gives up and can't be bothered repairing it again. The sign then sits on the building for the next 2 years just in case the owner gets the stamina up to fix it again. But they never do and all it does is serve as a reminder to their customers that this business doesn't really care.

Sound familiar? I am sure you know of a few signs not working or only partially working right now.

We are client focused. We can help you deliver a sign cheaply to your client. And we can integrate it into their IT systems. Let us help you. We aren't sales people, we are engineers. Who else other than a geek engineer would write a description like this on their web page?


Finding Quality and Dependable LED Signage in Melbourne

When you need to communicate information to visitors, passers-by, and others quickly, few tools accomplish the job as easily as LED signage in Melbourne. The average person encounters many of these signs every day, even on a simple daily commute. Schools, churches, and businesses all rely on these digital signs as a simple and customisable way to share important messages or to try to attract attention. However, this hardware can seem deceptively simple from the outside. In reality, acquiring a sign that works well for your organisation is more than a matter of picking something straight out of an overseas manufacturer's brochure.
At Visual Screens, we offer years of experience in our industry and a passion for deploying this type of hardware for our clients. From explaining the meaning of "pixel pitch" to helping you understand how to operate the sign properly, our team aims to deliver an end-to-end service that delivers the best value possible for your investment. First, though, why should you pursue such an investment in the first place? Let's explore why products such as electronic signboards for schools are so popular and useful, then dive in to everything you need to know about using our business to procure new signage.

The Importance of LED Signs in Melbourne

With the right signage and a good display program, you can make your money work for you by purchasing an LED panel. Why do so many businesses find such an investment to be worthwhile? Consider the important advantages such a tool provides you with:

  • Advertising is perhaps the number one reason — and this is true even for non-profits, such as churches or educational facilities. A highly visible LED sign by the roadside catches the eye. Not only does it make your location easier to find, but a well-implemented sign can make an impression that ensures others remember you.

  • A modern, good-looking sign with a display that frequently changes its message or images is a sign of care and attention. How many broken down signs have you driven past, wondering if the location was even still open? Neglected signs can reflect poorly on a space.

  • Signs are an excellent tool for communicating information to the public, whether it is about the next church group meeting or what parents need to know about upcoming school events.


Common Mistakes People Make with Illuminated Signs in Victoria

Not all church LED signs are the same, and you could encounter issues that make your hardware less effective if you aren't careful. Rushing through the purchasing process or opting for an overseas bargain could create problems. Some of the most common issues sign operators encounter include:

  • Thinking all signs are the same. This misconception is a recipe for cutting corners and installing signs that become troublemakers soon after setup — a recipe for eventual abandonment as "too much trouble."

  • Being taken in by overwhelming jargon and puffery from manufacturers. Some screen builders try to "wow" buyers with a large amount of technical information, distracting from the poor quality of their screens. Always look for information presented clearly and understandably.

  • Failing to think ahead to the operation of the sign. There are many factors to consider, from how you will interface with the sign, how you will change its messages, and how to maintain it over time. Don't overlook this aspect of the hardware; always ask questions about basic functionality and care.

When Buying an LED Sign in Melbourne, Consider This

What are some of the most important factors to keep in mind as you consider purchasing a digital church sign? There is some jargon to decipher, but once you know what to look for, it is much easier to make a choice that aligns with the needs of your organisation.

  • Think about how large of a sign you need. The size is partially a function of the actual screen resolution itself, but also the physical dimensions of the sign. How far away do you want someone to be able to read the sign? Ask us about how to make this measurement.

  • What kind of support do you need for additional messages? In other words, how many slides do you want to rotate through on your screen? What kind of software needs do you have? The Visual Screens team can help to understand these different options as they tend to differ between manufacturers.

  • How long-lasting is the hardware? You want to choose a screen that will hold its colour calibration for as long as possible while also minimising the risk of having individual LED "pixels" fail.


What Else Should You Know About Electronic Message Boards for Schools?

Is there any other advice you should keep in mind as you explore your options? Let's review some additional information that could make the buying process simpler. Consider starting a conversation with our team about these items or use them as the basis for your research.

  • Pixel pitch is one of the most important terms you'll encounter when shopping for screens. Measured in millimetres, pitch refers to the physical space between each set of colour LEDs. The smaller the pitch, the greater the resolution and fidelity of the image.

  • Screens with a very small pitch are ideal for up-close viewing and for smaller screens intended for viewing from short distances. To provide a clear image to those viewing from farther away, you will want to invest in a screen with a larger pixel pitch.

  • Ask us about viewing angles and how to ensure that you place your sign in a location where it can be easily read by those who will be most likely to view the sign.

What Sets Visual Screens Apart Regarding Electronic Signs for Schools?

Once you know you're ready to move forward with acquiring one of these signs, why should you choose our team to be the ones to help you with the purchasing process? Consider what we've done to establish Visual Screens as the top choice for these products:

  • We have nearly twenty years of overall experience in our industry. We've helped countless clients select and set up signs, and we look forward to continuing to use that understanding to help all our clients better communicate with the public. 

  • We're committed to delivering a service defined by attention to detail. With our own electrical engineer on staff, we help our clients answer the toughest questions about sign selection and installation so that matching products to your needs is easy.

  • We do it all — including installation. Place your trust in a business that understands how to appropriately install new signs so you can avoid the headaches that accompany incorrect placement or calibration.

Citylife Church - Interchangeable VMS, f

What to Expect from Visual Screens Regarding Electronic Signs for Churches

What is the actual purchasing process like when you choose to work with our team? From start to finish, we've made the entire effort as easy as possible so that you can enjoy fast and reliable results with fewer delays and clearer communication. Here's what else to expect:

  • We'll take the time to learn about your needs and goals in-depth. We will then take that understanding and use it to select the right screens for the task, presenting you with several options for your approval.

  • Following installation, we include a colour calibration service with each sale. Our calibration process ensures that your screen vibrantly displays every colour correctly and will continue to do so for many years to come. 

  • Have questions after installation, or need to inform your IT team how to operate the sign? We make ourselves available for post-sales support to provide our clients with dependable answers. We don't leave you in the dark to figure things out between the Internet and instruction manuals.

Services We Offer Besides Illuminated Signage in Melbourne

At Visual Screens, our skills and experience extend to other areas besides basic LED signs such as those used by schools and churches. We're capable of supporting businesses and other operations with innovative products as well. Some of our other service offerings include the following:

  • Billboards. With a high degree of experience, this is our other primary area of business, and we know billboards practically better than anyone. When you need to make a big, bold statement to get your message out there, let us help.

  • Retail LED screens in all kinds of unique shapes and sizes. With our deep understanding of the latest and greatest suppliers in this space, we can source the right hardware at an excellent price to support your operational goals.

  • LCD video screens. From video walls to informational displays and promotions, smaller and more robust LCD screens are an excellent way to add a touch of technology to spaces around a business's property indoors or outside. When you need a high-resolution display, we know the right LCDs for the job.

Telstra - Digital Screen.jpg

What Makes Visual Screens a Cost-Effective Choice for Illuminated Signs in Melbourne?

From school LED signs to digital church signs, Visual Screens has the understanding necessary for your organisation. to invest a portion of its budget in this technology with confidence. Consider how much time and frustration you can avoid by working with a team based right here in Australia — a team informed by experience and broad knowledge of this hardware. Our goal is simple: supply you with a high-quality sign that is easy to operate and maintain so you can rely upon it for many years to come. With that dependability comes fewer costs associated with repairs and equipment failures, translating to a more cost-effective spend over time.
Ready to find out more? Contact us today to ask about purchasing outdoor digital signs for churches and schools.

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