We are leaders in this field.

We have been in the billboard industry long before LED screens became mainstream. Why does that matter? Because anyone can import a screen, but not everyone understands the billboard market like we do. We understand the sales stream, the billboard structures and our client's needs.


We are also electronic engineers and IT professionals. How many other screen suppliers in Australia have 2 electronic engineers as the company principals? It's our technical ability that allows us to deliver the best quality screens to you at a great price.

Our screens are from the top shelf. We have worked with our suppliers to come up with the best quality design for Australian conditions. We can sell you an American or European made screen with a 10 year warranty or a Chinese screen which offers unbeatable value for money. The only thing we won't do is sell you a screen from a supplier who isn't reputable. Yes; we bring in screens from China, but we only do that because we know what a good screen looks like. Not everything made in China is bad. We are engineers and it is against our geek code to sell something that isn't a great product. Even if you want us to bring in a cheap screen, we won't.

In addition to that, we also have a registered builder on staff and the ability to integrate your screen onto your structures. One thing that sets us apart from the opposition is our ability to install our screens onto existing signs without upgrade of the billboard head. This delivers savings in the tens of thousands. We have spent many hours designing and engineering a system that allows our screen to be installed to an existing structure in rapid time. In most cases, there will only be 24-48 hours of down time from removal of panels to commissioning of screen.

Our IT systems are first class. The equipment that we choose to put in our control cabinets is first class. Not expensive, just well thought out with security, redundancy, monitoring and uptime in mind. Everything can be controlled off site, but the aim is to not need to rely on that. The aim is for it not to go down at all. Billboard companies often find that after the screen is installed, IT management becomes the biggest problem that they have. We manage it for you offering many layers of oversight of our screens.


If you are having trouble with your current screen, ask us to have a look. We can replace your management system with ours and lower your stress and down time.

What really sets us apart is none of the above. What we are really proud of is our honest advice. We are engineers, not sales people. We care about your long term business, not a quick sale. We won't try and sell you a 10mm SMD screen when a 16mm DIP will earn you the same revenue for significantly less cap-ex cost. In fact as some of our clients will attest, we have often forcefully talked them out of spending more money than they need to.

So if you want an LED billboard Screen, give us a call so we can help you deliver the best screens for the best value.

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